Thursday, July 07, 2011

Count your compliments

When we have those bad hair days and other awful-appearance days and those times when we feel we are over the hill or too old, it would serve us some good to remember the compliments people sent our way in the past.
Sometimes, I am having a really hectic day at work and a casual chat with a coworker reveals a nugget, "You are so beautiful!" or "You have lovely hair!". (And there are the stares from the handsome coworker, too:)).

It does prove that life is full of pleasant surprises which means that there are still more secret admirers in the woodwork waiting to be revealed :).

I would probably not want the ability to read people's minds. It is sometimes better to assume that people secretly admire you rather than know that they hate you or hold contempt for you.

I am going to keep a note in my diary about all the compliments I have received over the years and have made my day. I also give compliments back to people when I sincerely mean it. People deserve to be told that they are considered beautiful, smart or kind or talented. Pass the love and smiles on!

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