Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Environmental Blog - a 'green' gem in the blogosphere

I have discovered a new blog recently -
This is a blog that is definitely worth following as they have great content related to environmental issues, small and big, and how our actions can impact the earth positively or negatively.

I have become more aware of how much my very existence costs Mother Earth daily. Every time I see a plastic bag, bottle or cover that is about to be tossed away, I think of where it is going to land up and choke up the waterways or poison the earth in some manner. It is amazing to see what our species has singlehandedly managed to achieve in terms of overconsumption of resources and environmental destruction.  
Right from the chemicals and plastic used in our toothpaste and the tube to the heater/air conditioner we have on while asleep, each and everyone of us is using up energy and other resources while also generating waste that sometimes cannot even decompose naturally.

I live in a city that is reverential towards the environment and recycling is a way of life here so I can still toss in all my recyclables in a bin to be collected weekly. Recycling should be popularized every where in the world. Plastic and other non-biodegradable waste is particularly a problem in developing countries that are far less organized when it comes to garbage management and are either lacking in knowledge or apathetic towards environmental issues.
Even if citizens are educated and aware, they sometimes feel helpless if there are no available systems to enable them to act responsibly when it comes to sorting out their garbage and handling it better.

My last post talked about the plight of farmers in India. Here is a post on about the desertification of Africa. It is a highly enlightening read and I learnt about 'environmental refugees' for the first time.

Imagine the population of even a part of the world that is still dependent on agriculture and animal farming for its livelihood being forced to relocate when it has no means to sustain itself. I doubt governments and international organizations have thought far ahead to plan for such disasters.

Hope all of you have a 'green', joyful Christmas!

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