Tuesday, March 21, 2006


I've become a blogaholic - I have ravenously devoured the blogs of so many people that I better acknowledge them. Not fair of me - just reading and not even writing to them to tell them how great I think they are. Also, it might get my blog an audience when my name appears in the form of a hyperlink:).
There are days when I seriously want to write something and I want to spout out all the outrage I feel onto a page to be read by other people. But, I fret and fume and pace about my room. After that, there are chores to be done around the house and then the whole thing is totally lost! You've got to have that passion to write for the creative juices to flow. The fruit of thought has to press against the compartments of your grey cells, waiting to explode, turn into juice. I must seize the moment. As they say "Carpe Diem" (seize the day!) ... what is Latin for "Seize the moment"?

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