Friday, March 31, 2006

Got my driver's license!!

I am way older than 16 but I never needed to learn to drive till I came to the U.S.
Finally, today, I cleared the road test and have the license to venture out on my own. This is one of the most important practical skills in life and feels like an achievement. I was all rosy and smiling on the picture of the license:).
Is it that we procrastinate things because we have a deep fear somewhere inside? I remember reading somewhere that procrastination may have some deeper cause such as fear of failure or something else.
One thing I have learnt is to get going and attempt whatever it is you are trying to accomplish. A friend of mine talked about "inertia" - apparently Newton's first law applies to us living beings, too. When you are trying to get back to work after a hiatus or going back to school after a long, long time, you might feel you are not able to do things that effortlessly. However, achieving smaller targets can set you on course and once the momentum builds up, you again reach another inertia - the inertia of motion. How true my friend was!


Clint Moore said...

Procrastination really sets on us once in a while. Eventually, we realize that we're putting something very important on hold, so we work our way and do things one at a time until we finally get things done. Good thing you were able to get your driver's license in a breeze. The next thing was shopping for a car, right?

Lotus Eyes said...

Hi Clint,

Yes, I was finally able to do so. I did not have to shop for a car right away as my husband had one at that time. He did buy a fancy car just a few days later though.
I got my own car a few years later...
I did come a long way, from fearing the steering wheel to commuting on freeways on a regular basis.