Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Death and this fragile life...

Today, I got to know the really sad news about the death of the husband of one of my friends.

I was reading this post by Steve Pavlina - Making Peace with Death. The death of someone one knows or a major natural disaster always tends to make one more aware of one's mortality. Just the other day, I was also thinking, just like Steve Pavlina had mentioned, how insignificant our time on this earth really is. We are just a blip on the cosmic radar.

Above all, death makes us question our integrity and compassion towards others. If we had a truly loving relationship with the deceased, we at least have the satisfaction of having made him/her happy while he/she was alive.

I remember reading in C.Rajagopalachari's version of the Indian epic, "Mahabharatha", Yudhishthira, says something to the effect that everyday people die on this earth, yet we don't believe that it could be our turn.

Steve Jobs' famous Stanford commencement speech says - Death will soon clear us away from this planet, too, to make way for the new.

What are we doing with our lives and how are we treating our loved ones that we would regret from the Great Beyond?

In the meantime, my heart and prayers are with my friend and her family and all those who have lost very dear ones, especially the ones that have died with many potential years still left unlived.

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